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Higher State Vol 1 by Various Artists

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  • Catalog No: RR03

First up, an astral travelling outfit of mysterious origins and sizeable orbits, ‘The Planetts’ drop an ode to dimensioneering, with the silky vocals Ciaran Gribbin on ‘To The Moon’. Beginning with melodic pads and smooth vocal harmonies, look for an unexpected turn that may appeal to your techno soul. Ciaran has a rich history of songwriting having been nominated for a Grammy in 2010 whilst penning music for Madonna and Paul Oakenfold, in addition fronting legendary Australian rock band INXS since 2012.

Track 2 sees Los Angeles based Ant J Steep drop a classic house tune with a vocal sample from an interview with a singer of mass appeal, can you pick who it is? You will find yourself on a journey immersed in the masterfully pitched, rhythmically programmed vocal stabs, cruising in a sonic submarine radiating technicolour, whilst navigating a story of frequency and sympathetic vibration. Jump on for the ride!

The last piece of the story is completed by a newcomer in his debut release, originally from ol Blightly but now ensconced in a green valley just north of Sydney, we see ‘butters’ release his first tune, warm on rhythms, blended with some big uplifting strings to deliver a dancefloor experience that will have you dreaming and shaking your booty at the same time

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