Robbie Lowe

Robbie has always owned a warm house and tech-house sound. Vibey, underground baselines, snappy percussion and warmth in his choice of melodies. In the latter early years, you would usually see Robbie at Sydney’s leading record stores hunting down the latest End Recordings or Eukatech. Not much has changed. His approach is an ever-updated version of the style he has always had since then. Diverse, deep and his programming is deadly. Pin point accuracy and never losing the flow. And as far as mixing, he’s the tightest of them all. Steady as a rock.

Robbie Lowe, undeniably one of Australia’s finest and most influential DJ’s for the past two decades, has an ideal; play good quality house music. Staying true to what he loves, Robbie’s consistency as a selector of superior, non commercial electronic sounds see’s him at the top of his game, and has pegged him as the ‘go to’ guy for the most important of jobs. He has toured the world and played warm up sets for some of the world’s most respected underground artists.

Considered world class by fans and peers, Robbie Lowe maintains his presence amongst Australia’s electronic music artists as one of the best. His sets speak for themselves, and as a DJ, Robbie has garnered praise of the highest form from some of the biggest names in the business.

Robbie Lowe is a gentleman, a special DJ with a deep understanding of music. His fans and friends alike love him.

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