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Wolf + Lamb Interview

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Anyone who knows about Wolf +Lamb will be well aware of their history, their influence on the New York scene and their discovery and support of some of today’s brightest young stars including Nicolas Jaar. They are also responsible for launching the Crew Love concept, a collective which tours the globe bringing the very best party vibes to every venue they attend; with DJs and live acts representing all through the night (or day) at every event. Earlier this year, Deep House London caught up with one half of the duo, Zev Eisenberg, to find out what they’ve been up to lately. Here’s what he had to say…

What have you been up to? Have you been DJing much?
No, we’ve been taking it easy on the DJing. We did a couple of shows here and there, but for the most part, we’ve been busting out tracks. Gadi put us on a strict schedule of 30 tracks before the year’s up- remixes, tracks… whatever! We’re not doing too bad, for not doing any in January anyway, we’ve got six going already.

So, when did you sit down and get all that planned out?
It wasn’t like that, we actually just started hitting it and making a bunch of tracks and everything was gelling real nice.

What have you been working on so far?
The whole spring is jammed up with albums from our artists. We really wanted to make a club track for each of the albums. That was really the start of the whole thing and we’ve pretty much wrapped that up now. We’re just working on the Slow Hands remix. They’re all like club bombs, because all the albums are all pretty mellow.

I don’t want to refer to it as “coming back”, but, do you feel like you’re going to have more prominence this year?
It’s weird because we’ve been at this for so many years that I think we just stopped looking at it in that way. We come, we go, we come, we go. It’s really hard to classify it. I think one thing we do want to do is hang back a little more this year and make more music, that’s for sure.

Is there a particular reason why less music was made and why now, you’re focusing more on hanging back and making more music?
No. I mean everything with us goes in waves and we don’t control them. We’re both very different personalities and we both have other shit going on. When planets align and everything is great in our musical sense, then we do production. Then, when we try to sit down, and we’ll sit down a couple of times, and nothing happens, then we give it up for a couple of weeks or months. Then try it again when we feel. There’s times when both of us are in the right head space, we want to tour and we do a lot of shows together. Then sometimes we don’t, so we do them separately. We’re very, very flexible as partners and give a lot of space to each other to have our own orbit. Then, when the orbit’s fine, we do what we want to do.

I completely understand. It’s one of those things, like with anything that’s creative or that comes from the heart or soul, you never really want to force it. There might be times where you have to give yourself a kick up the arse, but you don’t want to be forcing yourself to make something happen, when it’s clearly not going to happen, for whatever reason it is. Especially where you guys have the option, or different kinds of outlets, like you say. You can go and play music, go gigging or touring for a while, then you can also kick back and hit the studio, when the inspiration is right.
Totally, and there’s also a lot of other work that we have going on, too. There’s a lot of Crew Love work that we handle. There’s a lot of other work going on that we believe, after so many years, everything is equally as important. If you’re a touring artist, you have to tour, you have to make music. If you’re running a label, you have to run the label, you have to do A&R, you’ve got to come up with ideas. There’s so many different things you have to do and all of them are important. So, because of that, none of them are important! So, really, I think that reflects on the nature of our label. It goes in spurts. We’ve never had label staff who show up every morning with things to do until very recently, for example.

So what else are you working on at the moment, apart from doing your music?
Ok, so, we’ve got the Music stuff. Touring is on hold until the big Crew Love album tour, coming in May, June and July. I’m pretty much hanging back until then as far as touring goes. The Crew Love Album is a big project that we’re all working on. Gadi and Eli had the actual musical content, the remixes, all those kind of things. Me and JMac do the media, artwork, graphics, the technical things and some of the financial things. That’s a lot of work right now. Then we have the Crew Love site, which is pretty time consuming but also growing at a nice rate. We also have the Wolf + Lamb label which has a lot of stuff going on.

Wolf+Lamb is playing on December 13th 2015. Join the event on Facebook.

Tickets available here.

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